Kyle Moore

Kyle Moore


James Moore

James Moore

VP of Operations

Leigh Baggett

Leigh Baggett

VP Treasurer

Not Pictured: Ashley Smith

Ashley Smith

VP Secretary

Not Pictured: Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones

VP of Public Relations

Not Pictured: Ronnie Boyd

Ronnie Boyd

VP of Grounds

Not Pictured: Jim Bardwell

Jim Bardwell

VP of Media & Advertising


  • Hugh Bowden
    Hugh Bowden
  • Not Pictured: Sam Boyd
    Sam Boyd
  • Brinson Burks
    Brinson Burks
  • Josh Childress
    Josh Childress
  • Not Pictured: Larry Davis
    Larry Davis
  • Dr. Jack Elder
    Dr. Jack Elder
  • Brady English
    Brady English
  • Not Pictured: Jon English
    Jon English
  • Gregg Goggans
    Gregg Goggans
  • Not Pictured: Don Graham
    Don Graham
  • Not Pictured: Chance Greathouse
    Chance Greathouse
  • Tuffy Hale
    Tuffy Hale
  • Chad Hogue
    Chad Hogue
  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones
  • Dr Jared Lockhart
    Dr.Jared Lockhart
  • Not Pictured: Marla Moore
    Marla Moore
  • Ben Rambo
    Ben Rambo
  • John Ussery
    John Ussery
  • Harold Wells
    Harold Wells
  • Dash Williams
    Dash Williams
  • Not Pictured: Janeava Paige Winters
    Janeava Paige Winters
  • Jackie Wood
    Jackie D. Wood
  • Jackie Glen Wood
    Jackie Glen Wood

Wrangler Volunteer Committee

  • Kailon Culberson
  • Kristin Elder
  • Cody Ferguson
  • Stoney Greathouse
  • Cody Hester
  • Laurie Ivy
  • Cody Lafon
  • Tony Rogers
  • Mike Sawyer
  • Tanner Smith
  • Larry Sewell
  • Kellie Shipp
  • Mayson McGill
  • Paige English
  • Sierra Moore
  • Ashton Culberson
  • Brynn Apple
  • Dal Apple
  • Samantha Ferguson
  • Elysia Neris
  • Darla Ferguson
  • T'Bria Rogers
  • Jennifer Jester
  • Alyssa James
  • Mason McGill
  • Owen Boyd

In Memoriam

of Directors that have come and gone before us, thank you for your service.

  • Walter Derrick
  • Roland Lindsay
  • Charles "Boogie" Modisette
  • Ernie Stith
  • Emmanuel Terrel
  • Ronnie White
  • Suzanne Bardwell